VEGANOK wine for the Vivaearth selection.

Vivaearth, with its ‘Green’ philosophy, stands out on the world wine scene. Not only for the exceptional quality of its wines, but also for its commitment to preserving natural resources and reducing environmental impact. This dedication is reflected in the recent VEGANOK certification of their products, ensuring that the production process is in harmony with nature and respectful of ethical standards.

The green philosophy of Prosecco

VivaEarth selects certified organic and sustainable Prosecco from the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, a world heritage site. This area is known for the production of Prosecco DOCG and for its unique terroir, characterised by a mix of rock and sand rich in minerals of marine origin. The mild climate, influenced by sea breezes and fresh air from the Dolomites, contributes to a distinctive and fresh wine, ideal for joyful and festive moments.

Sustainability of the territory

The hill region between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene is distinguished by its unique geomorphological conformation, known as ‘hogback’. Here, viticulture is practised on steep hillsides, an activity that requires intense manual labour. The commitment to limiting the use of invasive products and the search for sustainable methods of vineyard cultivation reflect VivaEarth’s dedication to the preservation of the environment and the quality of the fruit.

A sustainable commitment

This certification is a symbol of VivaEarth’s respect for life in all its forms, ensuring that their products are made without ingredients of animal origin and without testing on animals. VEGANOK certification aligns perfectly with VivaEarth’s philosophy, which has always been committed to minimising environmental impact in the cultivation of vines and the production of wine, using sustainable farming practices and environmentally friendly winemaking techniques. Obtaining this certification is a significant step forward for Vivaearth, further strengthening their position as a leader in the sustainable wine industry.