At the end of the 19th century, oenologist Federico Martinotti, director of the Royal Oenological Station in Asti, decided to look for a more practical way of making sparkling wine than the Classic Method (or Champenoise).

At the height of the industrial revolution, Martinotti’s Apparatus was patented in 1895 in Italy, France and Switzerland; an innovative method that involved the use of three tanks (autoclaves) for re-fermenting the ‘base’ wine to produce sparkling wine. This system proved to be very suitable for the production of dry sparkling wines with the added possibility of preserving the aromas and fragrances of the grapes more effectively.

In 1907, Charmat developed a system equal to Martinotti, but with an easily industrialised and inexpensive system.

From 1907 onwards it is History. The history of sparkling wine making with the Martinotti – Charmat Method

A flawless method for producing our sparkling wine that perfectly preserves the fruity scents of a semi-aromatic grape such as the Glera variety.