Have you ever wondered what that band positioned on the neck of our PROSECCO VALDOBBIADENE DOCG is and what it is used for? This band is to certify the authenticity of the product as it contains anti-counterfeiting systems for wine traceability.

There are 6 elements that are essential for the authenticity of the product:

  • The State logo.
  • The words “Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies.”
  • The acronym DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita).
  • Two security codes: the progressive identification number/code or control code and the alphanumeric series or marking number.
  • The nominal volume of the product in litres.
  • The identification code and nominal volume in barcode form.

In order to guarantee to the consumer the exact origin of the products and enable their traceability, the Italian Valoritalia  verifies each stage of production of all DOCG wines. Moreover they carry out all the necessary verifications before the wine can be sold. Only once this procedure is completed the wine is entitled to the band.

The State Mark in the form of a band is mandatory for all Denominazione d’Origine wines, especially DOCG.